About Us

Creating a lifestyle in space, inspiring each talented line, and bringing art closer to the public… are the core values that we are aiming for. For us, every street, house, or branch of grass is dedicated to bringing different emotions integrated into the urban space. When facing each project, we always ask ourselves how to create better new values. We always put the community’s interests first to consider and think innovatively to improve creativity continuously.

Modest but strong, focus on creating real value instead of dramatic, simple but also full of breakthroughs. We are always learning and trying non-stop to make each product a new passion. Because for us, quality and quality improvement are always valued and developed no matter how many difficulties and bumps lie ahead.

“One step back, two steps forward”

We believe that contributing values to the community and innovating for human development are the most valuable things we always pursue. With the mission of transforming every customer’s dream into reality based on sustainable environmental development, we have the will, and always bring creative, unique, and practical ideas to not only bring contemporary values in particular but also retain the local cultural identity in general.



HAAD is a dynamic and innovative Hanoi-based architecture firm, specializing in planning, landscape, and architecture. Since 2005, we have completed many small to big projects recognized by local clients and international partners. Led by architects, and professors with more than 20 years of experience, our portfolio includes urban planning, landscape design, an architecture based on conservation, sustainability, and local cultures.